TK Chand, CMD, Nalco – 10/04/2018
  • Alumina tender prices moved from 390 to 473 i.e. 21%
  • Around 3M tonne (1.5 lac tonne p.m.) alumina will not be avl as partial shutdown of brazilian refinery
  • Every month 1.5 lac tonne shortage will be there is alumina
  • Mkt price of alumina will certainly remain at curr prices of 350-360$ levels; expect it to move to 450-490$
  • Last qtr 13 shipments were made; will likely do 1.3 million tonne exports this year; 9-12 shipments made in this qtr
  • Refineries working at 100% capacity
  • Caustic soda is main input cost – prices gone up by 5% in last 2-3 months – it will sustain at this price – 40-40k/tonne – may be peaked at thisĀ  level
  • If this kind of prices sustains, will certainly be ebit positive
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