Disconnect between price and value in many growth and value stocks

Some snapshots from a Kotak Report


The re-rating of ‘growth’/‘quality’ stocks (see Exhibit 14) and de-rating of ‘value’ stocks (see Exhibit 15) has continued for a long time and we are at a loss to explain the continued mismatch in the price-value equation for the two sets of stocks for such a long period of time. Our previous thesis regarding high correlation between global bond yields and
earnings yields of ‘quality’ stocks has been deflated by the continued fall in earnings yields of ‘quality’ stocks even at the time of rising global bond yields. Anyway, the argument about a potential de-rating in multiples of ‘quality’ stocks on the back of higher global bond yields
may no longer be valid as global bond yields will likely stay subdued due to a synchronized global economic slowdown.

Lastly, certain so-called ‘value’ companies have found new ways to disappoint investors on corporate governance, thereby
making the valuation argument largely redundant for such stocks.
It seems to us that the market has simply taken a ‘permanent’ view on the future of most companies, thereby effectively segregating companies into (1) long-term winners; these are companies with superior business models, trustworthy managements/promoters and good corporate governance practices where no price or valuation may be too high to own the
stocks and (2) long-term losers; companies with inferior business models and poor governance practices where no price or valuation may be too low to avoid the stocks.

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