Interesting Snapshots from Research Reports/Annual Notes of AMCs

Our comments in brackets.

Primary Market Issuances in 2018.    ( Issuances peaked out in 2017 )

Nifty Valuations - Using P-E for Non-Financial and P/B for Financial Companies.  ( Interesting take on valuing Nifty.)

Indian Equities strongly correlated to S&P 500 !!   ( More co-related to US than Asia)

Indias Contribution to World Market Cap - Higher than Average but lower than the highs.

Nifty EPS estimates - Motilal Oswal    ( Estimates have been wrong through 2014-2018 for all brokers. Will it be finally right ? )

Emerging Market ETF Flows    ( Is the tide finally turning for Inflows to India)

Market Cap Wise Performance in CY 18 - ( Huge divergence in large caps to broader market - Can it reverse in CY 19 )

The Power of Retail Investors    ( 2019 will be the real test for Retail Behavior in MFs)

(Midcaps Premium to large caps finally reducing but still higher. )

Hotel Valuations around the World - Kotak 

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