Management Interviews – Prabhat Dairy, Shalby Hospital, UBL

Prabhat Dairy, Vivek Nirmal, Joint MD

  • There is ample of water availability, milk production not going down,  dont see any increase in milk prices
  • Prices are in range of 24-25/ litre for cow milk, which is stable from last quarter
  • In comparison to last year milk prices are lower i.e. 24-25₹ vs 27-28₹
  • As festivals come up demand of dairy products increases
  • We have soft launched our ice cream products
  • Seen sales growth in Dairy based beverages - Lassi, Chaas , Dahi as mercury rises
  • Launched 200 ml products - Lassi - 25₹, Buttermilk - 12₹
  • Consumers prefer more dairy products from the same brand that they trust
  • We are at 70% capacity utilizations overall, new products like curd or cheese facility has lower utilizations
  • No new capex in factory or manufacturing but will continue small capex in milk procurement by adding 50-100 Bulk milk coolers
  • Gross margins are increasing but Ebitda margins will remain in range for 2 years as we continue to invest in branding and distribution


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Shalby Hospital, Vikram Shah, CMD

  • We are coming up with 4 units (2 in Mumbai, 1 in Nashik, 1 in Baroda) in addition to the 11 units
  • We are looking for acquisition in northern and eastern India
  • Jaipur, Surat, Baroda units are 3-6 months old, which are getting EBITDA neutral
  • Mohali which is getting refurbished will be started in a months time
  • Market size : Over 30 years cardiology has grown 30-35% p.a. to reach to this level. Now cardiac growth in India is at 2% as it has penetrated to tier 2, tier 3 cities. Similarly, Cancer, Joint replacement, Spine surgery are in growth phase and that phase has started only 10-15 years back
  • In 1994 India did 300 replacement surgeries in whole year and we did 15, Last year India did 150,000 knee joints and 120,000 hip joints, USA is doing 600,000 knees and 600,000 hips in a year for a 300 million population
  • India has 30% paying population, that 30% itself is equal to size of USA, Plus South Asians suffer from knee arthritis 15 times more than caucasian population, that much is the overall problem in Indian subcontinent
  • Govt of Gujarat have given 40,000 subsidy per patient which has made it affordable even to lower middle class
  • So overall volumes of orthopedic surgery will substantially rise in future

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UBL, Shekhar Ramamurthy,  MD

  • Industry volumes should grow in single digits between 5-8% in next 12 months
  • Volumes growth are not uniform across the states, West Bengal and Maharashtra have problems, while North, Karnataka, Telangana is seeing good growth
  • Growth engine will continue to come from Kingfisher and Kingfisher strong
  • Strong double digit growth seen in premium brands such as Kingfisher Ultra, Heineken, Ultra Max, Kingfisher Storm etc
  • By end of this year planning to launch our kraft variety; Also have plans to enter non alcoholic beverages
  • All these new additions will not have much impact on topline in near future, they are long term growth drivers

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