The Individual Investor now a Majority in Mutual Funds

Some very interesting stats from the #AMFI website.

I think its for the first time Individual Investors category share has crossed Institutional Investor.

  • “Individual investors now hold a higher share of industry’s assets, i.e. 51.1% in January 2018, compared with 44.5% in January 2017. “

The Beyond 15 locations are gaining superbly in terms of participation.

  • “19% of the assets of the mutual fund industry came from B15 locations in January 2018. “
  • “Assets from B15 locations have increased from Rs.2.97 lakh cr. in January 2017 to Rs.4.39 lakh cr. in January 2018. The rate of growth in assets for B15 locations was 47.7% (30.4% for the industry as a whole during the same period). “
  • “About 28% of assets held by individual investors is from the B15 locations up from 25.03% in January 2017. “

The Individual Investor category is yet to shift towards going direct into mutual funds

“The proportion of direct investments in equity, to the total assets held by individual investors, was about 7% in January 2018. “

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